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Debbra Lupien (Akasha Unleashed)

How long does an Akashic Records reading take?

There is no set time limit, however, they usually last 60 – 90 minutes. Readings are all about you and getting the very best result, which is always profound, and usually life altering.

Soul Introduction 

For the serious soul seeker who’s ready to understand themselves at the deepest level possible.

A Soul Introduction includes extensive, detailed information about your soul matrix (how you’re wired). Literally meeting your soul. An experience so profound you’ll never be the same again — much to your delight. This expanded understanding of self is the catalyst that will shift you into a new awareness and way of being that simply must be experienced to comprehend.

This reading is approximately one hour in length. Afterwards you’ll receive a recording along with a complete written report that’ll you want to refer to again and again as you shift into a delightful new awareness of self.

Soul Introduction... $277

($252 with discount)

Karmic Blocks

Past-life karmic traumas that are blocking you in the present, along with an inquiry to discover who (if anyone), in your present life is connected to the karmic issue(s). Includes a clearing ritual to release the karmic baggage, and move forward with more purpose, confidence and clarity.

Afterwards you'll receive a recording along with a written report that you'll want to refer to again and again as you shift into an expanded state of awareness and higher vibrational frequency, unlike anything you've yet experienced.

Karmic Blocks... $277

($252 with discount)

What people are saying...

The Walls are Falling Down

I feel like alot of the “baggage” Ive been carrying with me has gotten alot lighter. I feel like the wall that has been up for so many years is falling down and Im able to feel the love around me and the big one is trusting again, asking for help and feeling worthy to receive. Its just lighter is the best way to describe it.



Only tweaks — not a major overhaul!

Thank you so much for the reading. My mind has been buzzing ever since we talked.

I'm thinking of some of the things I've done through the years to try to achieve order - like buying tons of organizing products, bins, boxes, shelves, sorters, journals, notebooks, etc. Then I put them away and don't use them because I haven't found the perfect system for organizing...

Knowing where this comes from really helps me see it in a new light. Not as a fatal flaw but as my soul trying to find the order and beauty. (And going overboard with it to the point of paralysis.)

Odd that knowing this makes me feel like I can finally tweak it...maybe because I feel that it only needs tweaking and not a major overhaul of who I am.



Life Changing

Your reading was life changing. I now feel more confident and excited about moving forward on my path. And, I'm also looking forward to the journey of exploring this information and learning channeling. I really appreciated the time you spent with me and all of your guidance.



It's a miracle!

For most of my life I knew I was a powerful healer, yet bounced around between inspiration and frustration. Excitement would expand and within days all my energy and hope would come crashing down around me, pulling me into despair, repeatedly.

Then came the brilliant miracle maker, Debbra Lupien. Over a 20 year quest she is the only one who broke my cycle of hopelessness.

After 1 session I became unstoppable. For the first time I experienced clarity, purpose, and personal power like never before. 

Thanks to Debbra I am now the confident healer I've always yearned to be.



Everything is elevating... what a ride!

I returned to the akashic reading I had with you to pick up some little nuggets of information. I was blown away by how different I sound. I can tell that energetically I was on such a different level then. And it's only been a little over 2 months! I just can't believe how fast everything is elevating, but what a ride it is! Reading my own energy as a 'disinterested' third party observer. Really wild.



Abundance is flowing once again!

Debbra is AMAZING! I felt I hit a brick wall in my business and nothing I was doing was bringing in clients. Debbra showed me where I was unconsciously sabotaging my own success. Within 3 weeks I signed 4 new clients. Abundance is flowing once again! So Powerful!