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Hi! I'm 
Debbra Lupien

Spiritual Teacher, Author & Voice of the Akashic Records. Delighted you stopped by. 

Have you seen my latest book?

Eighteen channeled angel meditations: healing, inspirational, and entertaining!

If you're yearning for a deeper connection with your angelic team, you'll love this book. Click the image for more information and to get your copy today!

little book of meditations


what people say

Susan CS

I have read Debbra's other books and loved them, I was hesitant about this one since I prefer to listen to meditations rather than read them but this is amazing, there is something special about being able to read and absorb the meditation before listening to it, added depth to the words when you are not wondering where it will go next.

There is so much
power in the channeled words, I loved the Sacred Time with the Divine meditation. It gave me such a rush of energy, and at the same time, a feeling of peace and calm! I am looking forward to completing them all as well as gifting this book to others.

Thank you Debbra!
Debbie K

I have been excited for this book with the meditations since I first heard about it!

I have not been disappointed!
I love the combination of written words and audio meditations!

My husband laughed in delight when he found me glued to my Kindle! He knows I tend to move around while listening to books these days, so for me to be immersed in a
page turning book 40 minutes later, he knew it was a special experience!

I encourage everyone to purchase this amazing combination of written words and audio to
enjoy and grow on your spiritual journey!

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