Now YOU can learn to channel angels in 21 days — or less!

The Path to Hearing Angels and Guides, a course in a book that gently guides you into opening your channel, almost in spite of yourself. 

Video Snippets from the Book Launch

Listen to what participants in the very first challenge had to say afterwards for an idea of what YOU might experience. 

The 21-Day Meditation Challenge Origin Story

The Incredible Power of Support & Encouragement

Unexpected Spontaneous Healing

How Channeling Works

Who You Are & How You See the World

If you've longed to hear your angels and guides, then Archangel Metatron's 21-Day Meditation Challenge is the answer to your prayers. 

Author, Debbra Lupien, had long sought a method to teach channeling, to no avail. There were too many variables to distill the process into a course. 

Until... Archangel Metatron answered the call with a solution so effortless anyone can follow, because this process is unlike any meditation you may have done before.

Within weeks — if not days, you'll begin channeling angel messages for guidance and inspiration. 

You'll find the entire easy-to-follow process documented in the pages of The Path to Hearing Angels & Guides, which means...

you can learn to channel for less than $20!

Book Formats available:

Kindle Unlimited — $0

Ebook — $8.88

Paperback — $13.33

How Do You Begin?

1. Get the book* (click on book below) 

2. Join the support group 

3. Read the book (a fast read)

4. Start the challenge 

5. Read and share in the group

6. Celebrate your amazing results

* You MUST get the book, it IS the course. Without it, you'll be lost in the group.

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Workbook Optional

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In A Nutshell...

This marvelous 21-day meditation from Archangel Metatron (channeled by Debbra Lupien), was brilliantly designed to accelerate spiritual growth for the lightworkers of the world — including you. 

During this pivotal time on Earth, as humanity and Gaia are evolving into a higher level of consciousness, it's your 

angels to the rescue to assist you in navigating uncharted waters.

Except, if you can't hear them, your experience will feel more like struggle and disappointment than excitement and joy. 

Thus, the reason for this course, plus the accompanying support group.

Yes, there's a dedicated support group where you can ask questions, share your experience, and be inspired by your fellow participants to accelerate your channeling (see below for perspective from some past participants).

After opening your channel, you'll be gobsmacked at how attentive and helpful your angels, as you take your place alongside fellow lightworkers to change the world.

It's your path to soul nirvana and magical living. Because, when you're connected to your angels, everyday life feels wonderfully magical.

Today is the perfect day to begin. 

This has been part of one of the most amazing and transformative times in my life. I did the 21 Day Meditation Challenge and finally found more clarity and purpose in my life. I have always been the kid who stood out or the weird girl. The meditation challenge helped me connect to the angels and my guides on a more solid footing. The information seems to just flow more smoothly from my guides since doing this challenge and I am very grateful. 

I have been able to connect with my ancestors and learned that yes there is a higher purpose for being spiritually gifted in a world that doesn't quite believe in spiritual gift. I will forever be grateful to Debbra Lupien for helping me find more clarity on/in my path in all my life. I was born with gifts I didn't understand but this challenge helped me find the answers I've been looking for. Thank you!!

 — Christina M

Your Responsibility

Metatron asks you to commit to showing up — just 15 minutes a day for 21 days. When you do, your team will more than meet you halfway to deliver a mind-blowing experience that will leave you feeling confident and deliciously fulfilled.

The book, along with a dedicated support group, form an unbeatable combination designed to skyrocket your spiritual growth into the stratosphere and beyond. 

Previous participants have been astonished at how rapidly they went from not being able to meditate, to regularly channeling. In fact, many began by saying: "I can't meditate."  The results exceeded their wildest expectations.

That continues to be true, because the journey doesn't end after 21 days — unless you want it to — and why on Earth would you?

Get your copy of 

The Path to Hearing Angels & Guides 

today and let the angel dialog begin! 

Day 1

The word TEAM came to mind. Having been an outlier my entire life, I never imagined having a team that leads, guides and protects me every day. This was such an incredible realization. I am not alone! Spirit says, "hey wait, we have been here all along. You could at least acknowledge us!" 

 — Dahlia

I spent many months being focused on me, myself, and I only. A bit too much now that I think of it. But I also wanted to try getting the answers on my own. Thanks to the akashic records meditations, I built up confidence in channeling messages for myself and people around me...  Since the end of the year is coming, I really wanted to thank you for all of what you brought me and all the changes that have occurred thanks to it. Now that I look back, you really have been the major figure in my awakening and changes.

 — Rebecca L

This group is great. We all have our way of doing things, but you also get to see how others do things. This helps to expand our knowledge and skills in the process. When I read other people’s posts or experiences I think, wow, I never thought of asking or doing that. Then I incorporate that into my process to see what happens. It reminds me that I am not alone on this journey.

 — Eri C

About the Author

Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records

Debbra Lupien, Author and Voice of the Akashic Records

Debbra Lupien is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and Voice of the Akashic Records. She believes the most important question in life is: What feeds my soul? The answer to that question is the holy grail of awakening souls.

Having found her own purpose, Debbra is passionate about sharing this transformational experience with others so they might shift their lives out of low gear and into overdrive. Like what happens when you accept Metatron's 21-Day challenge and start channeling angels!  

When she’s not writing or channeling, you may find Debbra at her mountaintop retreat. She enjoys hiking, traveling, hanging out in the fifth dimension, and spontaneously bursting into song — because life’s just that glorious!