About Debbra

A Late Bloomer

One Foot In this World, One Foot in the Fifth Dimension

At age six, I dreamed of being a writer. I don’t know where that idea came from unless a love of reading inspired it (or maybe it’s connected to a past life).

My favorite place to be was the library, with its treasure trove of books. Mythology, horse stories, and classics, like Little Women, transported me to other worlds and experiences far beyond the confines of tiny Edon, Ohio where I grew up.

Books and horses were my grand passions, a welcome escape from troubled home life. Well, until high school and hormones converged, anyway.

By age 21, I was married with two kids. Childhood dreams were neatly tucked away, replaced with adult practicalities and raising my own children.

Decades passed during which a virtual subliminal soundtrack repeatedly echoed the refrain:

Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?

There were times I despaired of ever finding the answer.

Major Detour Ahead

Fast forward to the late 90s… I was on my second marriage, now living in Brooklyn, NY, building custom databases. This was a career I’d stumbled into, with no previous experience, and astonishingly excelled at. Life was comfortable if lacking in pizazz.

Now was the perfect time to reconnect with my love of horses, so I did what any sane person would do… went horse shopping on the internet.

In short order, I found my dream horse and hired a transporter to haul her to Brooklyn.

Here’s where life took a huge detour. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, my dream horse quickly morphed into a nightmare.

The day she stepped off the trailer in Brooklyn, it was clear something was wrong. I attributed her state to the long trip and change in environment, confident she’d be fine after settling into her new home.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A Demon From Hell?

Her disposition was nasty. She bit, kicked, stomped on my toes, and struck out (with her front legs). Worse, her ire wasn’t reserved solely for me. Anyone who came near was a target.

Drastic action was called for, otherwise, someone might be seriously injured, if not killed. More than one person suggested that my horse be euthanized.

Desperate for a solution, I signed up for an animal communication course.

I needed to understand why my sweet, black beauty had turned into a demon from hell. Oh my did she have a lot to say!

Enter The Woo Woo

Back then, I was about as left brained as one can get. As they say, desperate times… So there I was, silently freaking out, taking part in a spooky group ritual, calling in helper spirits, hoping to save my horse.

Misty was reluctant to talk, so the class took her on as a project. With all of these people reaching out to help, she relented and began to share.

We learned she had once been terrorized by kids on 4-wheelers racing around outside her pasture. Blinded by fear, she ran right through a wooden fence, sustaining both physical and emotional trauma.

The trip to Brooklyn triggered her old trauma, which was further exacerbated by the new environment and people. No wonder she was shaking like a leaf when she got off the trailer…

No One Asked Me!

Chief amongst her complaints was being taken away from the only home she’d ever known without being asked.

That revelation knocked me off my feet. Growing up on a farm, it was common to buy and sell livestock without a thought for their opinions. It had never occurred to me to ask. A lesson I’ll never forget.

Once she got that off her chest, she simply wanted to know whether I’d be keeping her. (It was a relief to know she wanted to stay.) I promised and twenty years later we’re still together. That was just the beginning of an entire new chapter of my/our life.

Following The Bread Crumbs

Through the course of learning animal communication, I flashed back to having conversations with Jesus at age 4. My latent intuitive gift was reignited.

It’s obvious in hindsight I was following bread crumbs from my angels and guides, but back then I didn’t know that was a thing.

Ultimately, those bread crumbs led me to the Akashic Records, a fifth-dimensional user manual containing answers to all the questions, even those not yet asked.

Spiritual Awakening

Fast forward once more to the fall of 2014 when, at last, I discovered my soul purpose through an Akashic Records reading.

As I processed my new understanding of self, it felt as if the heavens opened up and a choir of angels sang: Welcome home, baby.

THIS was what I had been searching for my entire life!

Finally, an answer to the big why. That tired, old, virtual soundtrack fell silent forevermore as my life was transformed. A deep clarity of purpose and peace replaced the fear and angst I’d carried since childhood.


It’s funny, I don’t even recognize the previous version of myself. This is Debbra 2.0, the new, spiritually awakened soul, on fire to share inspirational Akashic wisdom and help others find their purpose—sooner.

There’s absolutely nothing that compares to the transformational experience of meeting your soul and living your purpose. My definition of soul nirvana.

Fulfilling The Dream

After my transformation, I was inspired to write about what I’d learned because everyone needs to know their purpose and too many are still clueless about the existence of their user manual (the Akashic Records).

With the release of my book, Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You, I achieved my dream of becoming a published author at age 60. (You might say I’m a late bloomer.)

Thanks to a fabulous launch team, and Divine direction, my book became an international bestseller within days.

And just like that, people all over the world were reading it, having their own spiritual awakenings; with joyous, purposeful living becoming their new reality… all because of a horse.

Never give up on your dream.

The Rest of The Story
You may wonder: whatever happened to that horse…

Once we were able to communicate and address her grievances, she became a perfect partner—my dream horse. An entire chapter of my book is dedicated to the story of her transformation. It was only fitting.

Now she’s teaching my young granddaughter how to ride. It’s a responsibility she takes seriously and even enjoys. Mostly, she spends her days on our farm in Pennsylvania just being a horse.

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