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March 30, 2023

April 2023 Forecast for Lightworkers

Metatron Begins
April is going to be cloudy, both literally and figuratively.

Obfuscation will be intensified to hide the truth about the state of your world. Powerful forces are feeling the squeeze as Gaia’s birthing has thrown a monkey wrench into their assets.

Of course, they are not willing to take the financial hit, so they will do their level best to pass the costs down the line to the less fortunate.

extraterrestrial woman

March 26, 2023

Practical Guidance To Avoid Stumbling Into The Abyss

When you begin channeling, it can be a heady experience. Talking to angels, even Creator is one thing. When you experience them answering back, that’s another level. One that can feel quite heady.

Here’s where the new channeler must tread lightly.

multidimensional being

March 22, 2023

The Mystery of Being Multidimensional, According to the Angels

…you are an immortal being having a spiritual experience. — Deepak Chopra

The truth is, you are, in fact, a multidimensional being, existing on many planes of existence simultaneously.

If your mind’s a bit blown, you’re not alone. It’s challenging to wrap your 3rd-dimensional brain around such concepts. Even noted brainiacs, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, have said as much.

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March 9, 2023

Man Cannot Destroy That Which God Has Created

A time-lapse vision of the future
Intoday’s adventure, the doors to the Akashic Records present as heavy, burnished gold. They appear solid and sturdy, clearly doors that have stood, and will stand, the test of all time.

Directly inside lies a lush jungle, reverberating with the sounds of screeching birds and monkeys chattering to one another.

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March 9, 2023

Simple Stepping Stones to Living a Purposeful Life

Love and be loved.
Live and let live.
Put down roots, but do not become root bound.
Do not allow the busyness of each day to obscure the big picture.
Always reach for what makes you feel good.

dejected girl on park bench, plane overhead

March 7, 2023

Looking For Love — Where Is It?!

Q: I am walking forward. I would like to meet my significant other. Advice of what I need to be doing as for working on myself to be open to receive that person. Thank you.

A: Bless you child. We see that your heart is willing and open. It is just ego that causes you to trip and stumble. Too much questioning and thinking — not enough feeling.

shooting star

March 5, 2023


Like a scene from Peter Pan, an angel grabs my hand and off we go flying up into the atmosphere and beyond.

There’s a dampness in the air, which is growing cooler as we ascend.

Isn’t it odd how there’s no light in space? Except for the stars, it’s dark all around. Like a giant comforter overlaid with magical stars.


March 1, 2023

MARCH 2023

The Watchword for March is Resilience.

Metatron: We come before you today with a special message of hope, because heaven knows you could use some of that.

Hope for your future and that of the planet.

February 28, 2023


In a lovely green meadow sprinkled with wildflowers, a golden-haired child plays. The sun shines gently down on her, creating a vignette from this idyllic scene.
The child is called Lola. She’s a vision of joy and light as she scampers across the meadow in pursuit of butterflies.

boss of your thoughts

February 25, 2023

Now You Can Become the Boss of Your Thoughts

Becoming the boss of your thoughts is a massive game changer. It’s your fast track to feeling confidence, peace, and bliss.

Most everyone can develop this ability with determination, focus, and practice — including you.


February 24, 2023

Seeking Enlightenment is the Ultimate Endeavor of the Soul

The Journey to Enlightenment... At the entrance to the Akashic Records on this day stand massive, glowing white doors.

They open slowly, allowing a brilliant, white/gold light to spill out. There’s a distinctly sacred feeling about this particular 

Moses from the afterlife

February 22, 2023

Soul Contracts and Destiny—Remarkable Life of Moses

Today I have a story to share with you about the time Moses reached out from the afterlife to share his thoughts on the state of the world today.

You just never know what’s going to happen when you enter the inner sanctum of the Akashic Records… 😉

empty wallet

February 20, 2023

How to Unblock Your Money Channel

Where’s the money? What am I missing? What do I need to do differently to get out of my own way and the cash flow to pay my bills and thrive financially?

I’m living my purpose in lots of ways; helping others see the strength and beauty of who they truly are and the power of loving and accepting themselves.

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February 18, 2023

Your Simple Recipe For A Joyfully Fulfilling Life

You were born to live a life of unrelenting joy and fulfillment.

You will know you are off track when you no longer feel that way.

When this happens, we urge you to stop, reassess, figure out where the misalignment is, and

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February 12, 2023

The Most Important Thing to Focus on Now

The most important thing to focus on is well-being. Yours first, always. Later, you may wish to share your enlightened understanding with others.

Make well-being, with resulting peace and serenity, your highest priority. Then, you will have set yourself up to more easily connect with your angels.